#WhoTalks Worst of the Week: Morning Joe Strikes Out with 18% Women

Morning Joe comes in last for the week of September 26–30 with only 18% women analysts invited to speak about the upcoming election during the week of the first presidential debate.

Perhaps this comes as no surprise from the same network that saw fit to showcase an all-male panel to discuss presidential nominee Donald Trump’s misogynistic comments and then dismiss them as “unimportant.” This is why we need women in these conversations, and no, 18% won’t cut it. We shouldn’t have to keep saying it, but apparently we must, especially as we continue to count down to the election. Help us demand that Morning Joe and MSNBC do better. We’re watching.

Share this message and raise the volume. Women belong in public dialog!

#WhoTalks: @Morning_Joe featured only 18% women analysts from 9/26–9/30.  #GenderAvenger 6 weeks to #Election2016 http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/whotalks-daily-morning-joe-underrepresented-women-september-2630-election2016

What is Who Talks?

Who Talks? monitors the top-rated morning and evening shows on three major television news networks: CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. Any guest who is not the host (or substitute host) and is asked to comment substantively on the 2016 presidential election is counted as an analyst. We count the total number of election analysts of each gender in each show and then compare aggregate numbers and proportional representation. Data is published monthly.