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At the core of our mission at GenderAvenger is the power of one simple gesture: the count.

Keeping track of how women* and women of color are represented (or not) in the public sphere creates awareness and becomes a powerful visual for change.

* GenderAvenger affirms that trans women are women.

What Is the GA Tally?

The GA Tally lets you record and share the gender (im)balance you see everyday. Whether it’s on TV, at a conference, or on a magazine cover, the GA Tally makes it easy to hold decision-makers accountable. You can use it two ways:

Count Who's Present:

Submit the number of men, women, and women of color on a panel, a “best of” list, etc. Upload your own photo or let the GA Tally generate a pie chart that can be instantly posted on Facebook, Twitter and/or shared by email.


Time Who's Talking:

Using a simple two-button system, you can track and share who is dominating the conversation.


And if you are uncomfortable using your own social media profiles, just hit “submit anonymously” and GenderAvenger will share it for you!