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#HallofFame | Women are Experts at University of Michigan

As we have seen throughout the Who Talks? project, men dominate political commentary on almost all fronts, but the University of Michigan offered a welcome reprieve from all-male panels with their talk, “2016 Decided: Post-election Analysis.” The informal conversation took place immediately following the election results on November 9 and featured three women on its panel of five experts.

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#HallofShame | Does CATO Institute Not Know Women Can Vote?

While not surprising, it was still shocking to see that the CATO Institute failed to include a single woman throughout the entire debate. Women make up 53% of the voting public, with the power and the numbers to tip the scale for or against any given candidate. We can’t imagine how CATO could forget to include women in such a crucial debate, so we’d like to remind them that women count.

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#HallofShame: Morning Joe Fails Bigly

Women represented 53% of the voting public and half the ballot in last week’s presidential election, yet Morning Joe still didn’t see fit to include women’s commentary on the election. The data for the Who Talks? project once again shows Morning Joe lagged behind with only 18% appearances by women commentators during the last week of a historic election.

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