Tech Inclusion New York 2018 Wins the GenderAvenger Gold Stamp of Approval

We are so happy to award the very first GA Gold Stamp of Approval to Tech Inclusion New York. The 2018 theme, “Voices of Innovation”, highlights the “diverse, underrepresented voices building the innovative technologies and cultures of our future.” Made up of 56% women, 50% of whom are women of color, the speaker list stays true to that theme. We hope the organizers will share the stamp with pride and hold it up as an example to the rest of the tech industry that gender parity can be achieved.


Congratulations to @ChangeCatalysts for achieving the very first @GenderAvenger Gold Stamp of Approval for their @techinclusionco New York speaker lineup: 56% women, of whom 50% are WOC. h/t @mitgc_cm #techinclusion #genderavenger