We need your voice RIGHT NOW to show CES we’re watching

We need your voice right now to make a difference at CES 2018. Share this:


There are no women keynotes at #CES2018. ZERO. Women leaders leaders deserve to be in the spotlight, @CES. #GenderAvenger #CESSoMale https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/show-ces-we-are-watching


Here’s why:

We called out CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week for not having any women keynotes at their upcoming CES 2018 in January. CES was defensive, and AdAge and Fast Company have picked up the story. Joining our cause are big names like Twitter CMO Leslie Berland and JP Morgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau:

If we move fast and build an even bigger groundswell of voices to call for better representation at CES 2018, we can make a difference to a major tech industry event already well-known for its gender imbalance, so please tweet, share this on Facebook, and email your friends and colleagues.

Thank you for bringing your incredible voices to the table.