Action Alert | The Keynote Speakers At CES 2018 Are All Men

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could be the most well-known trade show out there. Because most of us are consumers of electronics and it highlights the next gadget we’ll have to figure out how to use, lots of people pay attention to the show. There’s just one problem. At CES 2018 in January, ALL OF THE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS ARE MEN. For a show marketed as “the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies,” it sure seems like “for all” really means “for all men”. You still have over 5 weeks to make this right, CES.

It is unacceptable for @CES to have an all-male lineup of keynote speakers. You have 5 weeks to do better, CES! @CTATech #CES2018 #genderavenger