Shades of Green Forum Brings Home GenderAvenger Silver Stamp of Approval

GenderAvenger Marge Anderson let us know about this fabulous panel from the September 12 Shades of Green Forum, so we decided to take a look at the entire speaker list to see if it held up. We’re so glad we did, because now we get to award this forum the GenderAvenger Silver Stamp of Approval!

The purpose of the forum was to provide “a candid discussion about the state of diversity within the energy industry”, so a speaker list consisting of 44% men and 56% women (46% of whom are women of color) certainly helped meet that goal with a well-balanced base of experts.

A speaker lineup of 56% women (46% women of color) and 44% men earned @shadesforum_ a @GenderAvenger Silver Stamp of Approval, revealing a bright future for green energy. h/t @margeanderson #SOGF2018 #genderavenger