Action Alert | New York Times New Work Summit Will Be More Of The Same

“This February 25-26, The New York Times will convene powerful leaders at its annual New Work Summit to assess the opportunities and risks that are now emerging as artificial intelligence accelerates its transformation across industries.” (source)

Take a look at that description for the New York Times New Work Summit, and then consider this: only 25% of the speakers at this conference are women. It’s no secret that technology has a diversity problem, and basically what this lineup tells us is that the New York Times feels men should continue to be the ones to “assess the opportunities and risks” in AI across industries. This means that the opportunities and risks for women will be, spoiler alert, exactly the same as they are now.

Only 25% of the speakers at @NYTimes @NYTLive New Work Summit are women, which proves the future of #AI will create just more of the same. #GenderAvenger #NYTNewWork