Join First GA Thunderclap: 15% Women Speakers at WSJDLive 2015

WSJ.D Live, a global technology conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal, has only 15% women speakers this year.  

Too many of us have attended a conference with all or mostly male panels. There are too many instances, especially in tech, where the voices of women are absent or underrepresented. WSJD.Live knows that they have not been including women speakers. Last year we reached out to the conference organizers after WSJD released an all male speaker lineup for the event. Organizers promised us that more women speakers would be added soon.

In the end, the 2014 WSJ.D Live lineup had only 20% women speakers. The gender ratio this year is even worse. 

Show the Wall Street Journal that we are paying attention and that it's time to value the voices of women. Sign up for our ThunderClap today and help create a tidal wave of messages highlighting the lack of women speakers at #WSJDLive and encouraging them to prioritize women's voices onstage at their future events. 

Join the first GenderAvenger Thunderclap.

We want to make a big impression on WSJ.DLive, so we're launching our first ThunderClap during the opening remarks for WSJ.DLive on October 19th.

Signing up for the Thunderclap is easy and does not require a Twitter account. You can share the Thunderclap through Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Is this also your first Thunderclap? Here's a little more information on how it works: A Thunderclap is an "online flash mob." It shares the same message from a wave of supporters at the exact same time. Our messages will appear in the conference hashtag for #WSJDLive and will send a powerful reminder to conference organizers that it's time to add more women speakers to their future lineups. 

Sign up today and share the Thunderclap link with your friends. The more voices, the bigger our impact. 


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