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#HallofShame | Only 16% Women Speakers at ReWork: The Future of Food

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, “On a global scale, women produce more than half of all the food that is grown.” On June 21st, ReWork’s The Future of Food will explore “breakthrough technologies, scientific discoveries & new business models for the future of food production, distribution & consumption”…with only 16% women speakers.

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#HallofShame | 10% Women at the Awwwards

This year, the Awwwards boast that they received over 1,000 applications and  chose the final 188 through a “lengthy shortlisting process where profiles, experience, and talent, were taken into account.”

Something is missing in that process based on these numbers. With that volume of applications, they have no excuse for selecting a group of 188 judges where only 20 are women.

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#HallOfShame | Eisenhower Memorial Advisory Committee

All sixteen new additions to the Eisenhower Memorial Commission Advisory Committee are men, and these 16 men have joined a committee that is already overwhelmingly male. With this new addition, the gender ratio for the Eisenhower Memorial Commission's Advisory Committee is just 12% women.

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#HallOfFame | 51% Women at #AWP16

Welcome to the Super Hall of Fame, AWP! The AWP Conference, hosted by the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, is one of the biggest conferences for writers and publishers in the US. For the second year in a row, they have a Hall of Fame gender ratio for their Featured Readers.

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#HallofShame | 26% Women at Re/code's Code/Media

Code/Media, Re/code’s upcoming conference on February 17th, continues Re/code’s two year streak of Hall of Shame gender ratios. The speaker lineup is 26% women, which is the highest percentage of women speakers Re/code has had since they began organizing events in 2014. In 2016, though, 26% women is hardly a ratio worth celebrating.

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#HallofFame | The Millions' 2016 Book Preview

Who better to advise you on your 2016 book purchases than The Millions, a website lauded by the New York Times for being an "indispensable literary site"? We were excited to dive into this list, and our first step was to break it down in the GA Tally. Out of 93 titles, 44 were written by women. 47% of The Millions' novels to look forward to were written by women! 

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Round 2 #HallofShame: 10% Women Speakers at unBound London [UPDATE]

We started tracking unBound London earlier this month, when they first appeared in the GA Hall of Shame with 12% women speakers. Though the conference has added two additional women speakers since their Hall of Shame listing, they have also added 22 additional male speakers. Their speaker gender ratio has dropped from 12% to 10%.

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Welcome to the GenderAvenger Super Hall of Fame!

Who doesn't love good news? At GenderAvenger, we're celebrating our first birthday by taking a look back at our original Hall of Famers to see who belongs in the GenderAvenger Super Hall of Fame! These conferences and lists appeared on the GenderAvenger website in 2014 and have since qualified for a second appearance in our Hall of Fame. We're inspired by their commitment to balanced gender ratios, and we hope that their work is an inspiration to our Hall of Shamers to clean up their acts. 

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Join First GA Thunderclap: 15% Women Speakers at WSJDLive 2015

WSJ.D Live, a global technology conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal, has only 15% women speakers this year.  

Show the Wall Street Journal that we are paying attention and that it's time to value the voices of women. Sign up for our ThunderClap today and help create a tidal wave of tweets highlighting the lack of women speakers at #WSJDLive and encouraging them to prioritize women's voices onstage at their future events. 

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