#GoodRead | Why It Matters #WhoTalks During the 2016 Presidential Election

GenderAvenger's Who Talks? is featured on Glamour!

"Why It Matters #WhoTalks During the 2016 Presidential Election":

When Hillary Clinton won five primaries in one night last month, male pundits offered more than just their congratulations. Joe Scarborough advised Clinton to "smile"; political analyst Brit Hume wondered why she was "shouting angrily" in her victory speech; and Howard Kurtz recommended a more "conversational tone." This kind of gendered analysis of Clinton's speeches—and women's issues in general—is not unusual in conversations when they exclude actual women. #WhoTalks, a new campaign by GenderAvenger—a nonprofit committed to ensuring women are included in public dialogue—in partnership with the Women's Media Center and Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), is taking a look at the facts. Just how many analysts on major political news shows are women?

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