#GAReads | Women in the tech industry face 'staggering' sexism, study suggests

photo credit:  Alex Kotliarskyi , via  Unsplash  (cropped)

photo credit: Alex Kotliarskyi, via Unsplash (cropped)

Women in the tech industry face 'staggering' sexism, study suggests”:

Women working in the technology industry are subject to “staggering” levels of sexism as discrimination remains a rampant problem, according to new research.

A study conducted by CWJobs, a recruiter in the industry, found that women are regularly subjected to backhanded compliments and uncomfortable encounters, while being overlooked and losing out to men during promotion opportunities. 

From the more than 500 women surveyed, 50pc claimed that they had been told that being a woman would hold them back in their career, while one in four women felt they were denied promotions due to their gender. 

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