Avenger of the Week | Sally Jane Priesand, America's First Woman Rabbi

Knowing she wanted to be a rabbi since the age of 16, Sally Priesand did not let the fact that she was a woman stand in her way. Only men had been rabbis until she was ordained in 1972, but, because of her determination and the support of her parents and a forward-thinking college president, thousands of women are now leading congregations as ordained rabbis.

”When I decided to study for the rabbinate, I never thought much about being a pioneer, nor was it my intention to champion the rights of women. I just wanted to be a rabbi.”


Happy Hanukkah from GenderAvenger!

Our Avenger of the Week, Sally Priesand, wanted to become a rabbi at a time when only men were rabbis, and she ended up leading the way for the thousands of women who followed her when she became the first ordained woman. #genderavenger #Hanukkah https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-sally-jane-priesand