Action Alert | The Paley Center Wants to Bring Together the 'Very Best Minds'

Spoiler Alert: Apparently, you have to be a man to qualify.

The Paley Center announced 13 speakers for its upcoming International Council Summit: 12 men and 1 woman. Avenger Ruth Ann Harnisch (@ruthannharnisch) called them out only to be told that the speaker list is “still in formation”. Well, we did some digging on recent summits that revealed an ugly trend:

2016 speakers: 23 men / 5 women

2015 speakers: 30 men / 6 women

We call bulls**t on their excuses. The good news? There’s still time to fix it in 2017.

Where are #ICSummit 2017 women speakers @paleycenter? Abysmal record since 2015. h/t @ruthannharnisch #GenderAvenger