Action Alert | Legal Futures Promises Change But Breaks That Promise

Take a look at this tweet from almost exactly one month ago. Legal Futures made it sound like they were working to improve the gender diversity of the speaker list for their Civil Litigation conference, right? Wrong! When we counted their speaker list in late January, it came out as 90% men and 10% women with 50% WOC (not hard to do when there are only 2 women total!). When we counted their speaker list again today… it was exactly the same. We’re glad they recognized that they got it wrong, but we’re not happy that there has been no improvement since they claimed to be “on it”.

As of late January, @legalfutures speaker list: 90% men, 10% women. As of today, after claiming they were “on it” a month ago: 90% men, 10% women. They’ve still made ZERO improvement to their man-heavy speaker list. #GenderAvenger #lfevents