Action Alert | Inc. Editor Dismisses Women-Authored Business Books

Thank you to GenderAvenger extraordinaire Cindy Gallop for sharing this with us.

When Harvard MBA-holder Samantha Ettus called out Contributing Editor at Geoffrey James (@Sales_Source) about his article "7 Short Books Worth More Than an MBA", his responses were… how shall we put this… absurd. He claims that “a high percentage of business books written by women are FOR women (e.g. “Lean In”) which limits their market and therefore their sales numbers,” and yet three of the seven “classics” he chose for his list are literally written by men FOR men, so his logic just doesn’t work here. (As an aside, make sure to read his "Best Quote" selections. OMG.)

Time to put on your capes, GenderAvengers.

Use our tweet below and send your own tweets with the handles of women business book authors and/or their book titles. Make sure to tag @Sales_Source so Geoffrey James can see that women mean business, too.

Hey @Sales_Source, business books written by women aren’t just for women, even if there’s a pencil skirt on the cover, because their knowledge and experience pertains to you, too. You work with women, right? @samanthaettus @cindygallop #genderavenger