Action Alert | INBOUND 2018 Wins TWO Gold Stamps of Approval for Mainstage Lineups

GenderAvenger is so pleased to present our friends at INBOUND with two (TWO!) Gold Stamps of Approval for their 2018 main stage speaker lineups.

The first Gold is for their Keynoters, who are 57% men and 43% women, 67% of whom are women of color, and the second Gold is for their Spotlight speakers, who are 47% men and 53% women, 50% of whom are women of color.

Laura Moran, Content & Talent Team Manager, INBOUND:

We're incredibly proud of our speaker lineup and so thankful for your recognition. We work hard to make INBOUND an inclusive event and we're excited for our attendees to hear from such a diverse group of speakers this year.

Celebration is certainly in order, because as we know from previous conferences that have gotten it wrong (*cough* CES *cough*) main stages are where speakers shine brightest and thought leaders are born.

At the same time, though, we look for overall gender balance across the whole conference, and this year INBOUND falls short on women of color among their 300+ speakers. We are hoping and look forward to awarding three Stamps of Approval next year.

Two Gold Stamps of Approval go to @INBOUND 2018 for impressive main stage lineups. Congrats. #INBOUND18 #genderavenger