Action Alert | Canadians Are Getting Mixed Messages About Gender Equality

Throughout his tenure as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has been recognized for his genderavenging ways. Whether it’s a gender-equal cabinet or more “feminist” trade agreements, gender equality is top of mind for Canadian leadership. So how embarrassing for the Canadian Marketing Association and their CMAfuture event that features a speaker list with only 1 woman (who is giving the opening remarks, by the way, and not speaking on a particular topic).


If this is truly a representation of what’s to come for the marketing industry in Canada, maybe it’s time for Trudeau to make a career change and show them how it’s done.

If @JustinTrudeau can do it, why can’t you, @CdnMarketing?How embarrassing that there is only one woman speaking at #CMAfuture. Haven’t you heard that women are the future? #genderavenger