The 2015 VIDA Count Is Here!

On Wednesday, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts released their annual VIDA Count. VIDA has tracked and published the numbers of bylines for men and women across a range of publications since 2009. This data is often damning, because it proves that the lack of women’s voices is a consistent pattern in media. VIDA’s important work creates conversation and, most importantly, change, so, going a step further, VIDA declared 2015 the "Year of Intersectionality" and used the Count to track race, disability, and sexuality, as well as gender.

If the literary landscape is dominated by specific groups, how can we be healthy as a society and benefit from both our differences and commonalities? Isn’t one of literature’s effects to humanize populations beyond our own?
One of VIDA’s principles is to shine a light where some would rather not look. We hope that what is illuminated through this work moves everyone to ask for more.

—Amy King, VIDA Chair, Executive Committee

The VIDA Count tracks 15 publications, and VIDA released a range of infographics that broke down gender, race, and more. They also tracked data for 21 publications within the Larger Literary Landscape count.

Below are infographics for two of the most popular mainstream publications covered by VIDA. Click here to take a look at all of the infographics and data.

Let’s share this data far and wide. Show these publications that we’re watching and expect to see improvement in the coming 2016 VIDA Count.

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