The New Yorker Featured Stories Have 45% Women Bylines In June 2016, Cartoons: 18%

Jessica Esch has, for the last few years, been tracking how women stack up against men in the print version of The New Yorker. In June of 2015, The New Yorker had 31% women author their feature stories; in June 2016, the magazine’s featured story byline count hit 45%!

by Jessica Esch,  via Flickr

by Jessica Esch, via Flickr


Promoting equal gender representation in the authors of their featured stories is a big deal to the over 1 million readers of The New Yorker, but they still lag in their inclusion of women illustrators, cartoonists, and covers. Fortunately, the year’s not over yet.

We care about seeing women represented in The New Yorker.
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