#HallofShame: CNN’s Reliable Sources Hosts All-Male Roundtable on Roger Ailes

Reliable Resources

CNN’s Reliable Sources put together a roundtable to discuss FOX News Founder and Chairman Roger Ailes’s resignation in light of several sexual harassment allegations from women colleagues. Reliable Sources brought in three more men to discuss the “toxic newsroom culture” perpetuated by FOX’s “male oriented universe”.

Media has a responsibility to ensure women have an equal voice, especially when the story revolves around a male-dominated culture that sweeps women’s stories under the rug. Let Reliable Sources know that we see their exclusion of women.


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You discussed a "toxic newsroom culture for women" w/out women there, @ReliableSources. That's toxic. http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-cnn-reliable-sources-roger-ailes #GenderAvenger