Hall of Shame | Slush 2014

Slush 2014, November 17–19, aims to be "…the focal point for Eurasian startups and technology talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media," and its guiding philosophy is "…to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward." So far, Slush has 26 men and only 6 women slated to speak to approximately 10,000 attendees. At less than 19% women, this First Speakers of Slush 2014 list has a long way to go. Tell Slush that first impressions count and that GenderAvenger is watching. 

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The @SlushHQ speaker list for #slush14 needs more women's voices. #genderavenger is watching. http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hall-of-shame-slush-2014 #1stimpressionscount