You Got Loud and It's Working: CES Commits to Do Better In 2019

It’s a new year, but the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has not changed its tune. The organizers are maintaining a slate of all-male keynoters on the biggest stage the conference offers.  In the words of our founder, “Zero women speaking in the most coveted slots is a big flashing signal that we’re not worth it.”

Well, you got loud and grabbed the attention of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), along with a number of major news outlets, and its leadership has written us to say that to say that we prompted a meaningful dialog and that they will redouble their effort to feature women’s voices prominently throughout the conference in 2019. As a long-running event with tremendous influence, CES has the opportunity to be a force for change and inclusion in tech. We’re asking for "meaningful dialog" to translate into action in 2019. We’ll be watching and counting.

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Avengers, thanks for all you do.