Action Alert | The Future Is Still Male When It Comes to AI

GenderAvenger Susan Frank is fighting the good fight in response to the speaker lineup at AI Frontiers taking place in November, because only 8% of the speakers (8!) are women.


After they were called out for not having ANY women, AI Frontiers added two to their list, but one of them is the chairperson of the event, so say what you will about that. They’ve been using all the classic excuses — not enough women meet our speaker criteria, there are not enough women in the field, we invited women but they can’t attend, blah, blah, blah — and now they’ve turned to Twitter to solve their problem. Maybe they should reach out to the AI Summit. AI Summit’s New York event takes place a month after AI Frontiers’, and they already have an early confirmed speaker list with 31% women! Susan is fed up with the excuses, and, quite frankly, so are we.

Other AI conferences are making gender balance gains, so why can’t you, @AI_Frontiers? Quit making excuses and add more women to your lineup. #genderavenger