Hall of Shame | iTunes Festival 2014

UPDATE: The original list of acts for the iTunes Festival showed 25% female acts. As of September 7th, the listed acts have now dropped to only 17% female acts

There were no women featured in the email promotion of iTunes Festival 2014. This prompted us to take a closer look at how many female performers are listed to take part, and we found that only 17% of the listed acts are women. Even with only 1 in 6 acts being female, it makes one wonder why none of them were deemed appropriate to help advertise the event in the iTunes email campaign?

Thanks to Avenger Gillian Parrillo for the heads-up!


Suggested Twitter/share text: The #itunesfestival '14 is only 17% women, NO WOMEN in its email ad. http://tinyurl.com/kx66quz Do better, @itunesfestival. #genderavenger