5 Minutes to a Better GenderAvenger: The GenderAvenger Survey

Thank you for being among our earliest supporters.

The GenderAvenger team is delighted with the response to our very young organization. Many of you subscribe to and share our blog posts. Lots of you open our newsletters. Some of you have already taken actions at our suggestion.

You make us confident about the future. In fact, you hold the key to the future success of GenderAvenger.

Knowing about you and your opinion of Gender Avenger can guide our growth strategy and our continuing efforts to do what we do better. Please help by filling out our survey. It will take less than five minutes.

Be assured that we will always respect your privacy and only report survey results in the aggregate. In addition, all comments will remain anonymous.

Finally, we want to give a big shout out to Dotty Lynch, American University Executive in Residence and Professor at the School of Communication (retired), and Maria Ivancin, American University Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Communications, who gave us invaluable advice as we put together the survey questions.

Thanks to all of you again. You are the start of something big.

Avenger Gina and the GenderAvenger Team.

P.S. You should know that many of our tweets generate replies and some brand new excuses. The latest comes from ALEC which seems to think by pointing out that their one outside woman speaker giving a “main, long speech” would compensate for her representing nine percent of their pictured, featured speakers. We have a lot of work to do. Help us.