Good Read | About Feminism — A Group of Voices For Women In Tech Is Raised

Women in tech have long been tired of the ongoing sexist treatment they are expected to tolerate. They are tired of being thought of as "tokens" and having their demonstrated abilities overlooked or undermined. A number of organizations have come together to work for change in this arena, and one of the latest of these groups has just launched a powerful statement with About Feminism:

About Feminism:

We have watched companies say that diversity is of highest importance and have invited us to advise them. After we donate much of our time they change nothing, do nothing, and now wear speaking to us as a badge of honor. Stating, “We tried!”

Sharing these stories helped us see we were not alone and our experiences were valid. It is perfectly reasonable to ask for safe, respectful working environments. We have a network in each other.

We are your community leaders, your open source contributors, your keynote speakers, and many call us role models.

We choose to speak now.

The women behind About Feminism — Divya ManianJessica DillonSabrina MajeedJoanne McNeilKat LiEllen ChisaJennifer Brook, and Angelina Fabbro — are a group to watch. We are so proud of these women for joining forces, stepping forward, and doing the hard work. Making yourself known, being visible in the face of a system that aims to silence, is no small act, and so from all of us both inside the tech industry and out, thank you.