We Want to Hear From You

It is hard to imagine a more important time for women’s voices to be heard.

It is imperative that women participate fully in any and all debates about the future, especially as nations’ leaderships change. It is not just a matter of belonging on conference stages or on lists of “top” leaders, and it extends beyond women’s presence at cultural events or as commentators on media platforms. It is about ensuring that the perspective, the intelligence, the experience, and the ideas of more than half the population are understood.

We at GenderAvenger find examples of women being underrepresented every day, and we bet you do too. When you wake up and read the papers with announcements of events. When you watch the news. When you get emails inviting you to conferences or asking you to pay attention to everything from economic policy and health care options to environmental initiatives and declarations of war and peace. When you go to events in your community where you pray, where you play, and where your political allies and foes convene.

It's time to raise the volume.

Every week we have asked you to take action to congratulate and condemn those who meet our standards and those who don’t. Now, we want to know what has your attention and what you’re committed to calling out in the communities that you are a part of. Increasingly, you’ve been using the GA Tally and emails to gina@genderavenger.com to keep us informed of your experiences and observations. Now it’s time for your voice to move from one tweet to a tweet storm and from one Facebook post to an avalanche of Facebook posts.

So, we will be counting on you to do the counting.

You can depend on us to share your calls to action with the entire GenderAvenger community so your fellow GenderAvengers can be your bull horn, your amplifier, your cheerleader. Together we can all make the change we need.

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