Why It Matters If We Put #WomenOn10s or If We Put #WomenOn20s in the United States

Want to honor women by putting one on paper currency? Then make sure she can compete for attention with all the guys who are on all the other denominations. Whomever is chosen, she should come rushing out of every ATM machine in America. That would begin to correct the gender imbalance and get rid of Andrew Jackson.

$20 Bills Outnumber $10 Bills
In Circulation In the US By Nearly FOUR TIMES

1.63 billion $10 bills are in circulation. Almost four times as many — 6.26 billion — $20 dollar bills are in circulation. Ones, fives, tens and twenties total 19.59 billion in circulation. So today, among the most circulated paper currency, $10 bills comprise less than 10% (8.6 % to be exact) and $20 bills comprise over 30% (31.9%). If we can’t have 50% of the population’s images represented on the denominations, it sure would be nice to ultimately get close to 50% in circulation — probably in time for my great grandchildren given replacement timing.

If $10 Bills Featured a Woman, Bills Featuring Men Would Outnumber the Featured Woman By More Than ELEVEN TIMES

GenderAvenger is all about ensuring women are always part of the public dialog. Now that the Supreme Court has declared money is speech, time for money to fairly represent women.