Action Alert | WIRED Defends the Indefensible


The features in this month’s issue of WIRED are all written by men. That’s bad enough in our book, but there are two things that make it even worse:

  1. After much outcry on Twitter, a woman, their Executive Editor, issued a statement. The statement tells us that they take gender balance “very seriously”, don’t like it when “they end up with a feature well that is all male-written” as if that just happens, and, most egregiously, that they “work with great women writers and are open to more.” So use them.  

  2. Plus the statement was more about the cutesy colophon (a publisher’s production notes), a nod to the recently released “Wonder Woman” which included a group of mostly random “Wonder Women” like RBG, Thelma and Louise, and Elisabeth Moss - rather than addressing the core problem of gender and authorship.

You can probably guess what our response is: If you don’t like having all men feature writers, then don’t do it.