Why We Give to GenderAvenger and How You Can Make Change, Too

GenderAvenger alerts in your inbox and social media feeds and the resulting change we effect together does not happen by magic. A great team tracks the representation of women’s voices in public dialog to call attention to gender imbalance, and a loyal group of donors provides funding for the paradigm-shifting change we continue to create. At its core, GA is about civic engagement, and our theory of change has always been that individual action backed by a values-based organization with perceived power can make a lasting difference. For instance, our GA Toolkit is designed to give individuals like you the power to call attention to gender imbalance wherever you see it.

Your actions have changed who we see at conferences, on lists, and in awards, and you can help GenderAvenger continue this work with financial support to grow our much-needed grassroots funding. With a monthly commitment, your support will give us a powerful foundation to continue ensuring the visibility of women’s voices.

Whether you can give $10 a month, a one-time gift of $10,000, or anything in between, your contribution is huge (and tax deductible!). Think of it this way:

  • $10 pays for our monthly PayPal fees

  • $100 pays for all of our tech hosting services for one month

  • $1,000 underwrites three original blog posts (we always pay our guest blog authors)

  • $10,000 pays almost all our legal and accounting bills for a year

  • $100,000 pays for a third of our entire annual budget!

Because we rarely ask for financial support, we’re hoping that you’ll heed the call for donations today. You can contribute on Facebook [fundraiser link] or by clicking on the links/buttons below. And if you need more convincing — we hope not! — see what some of our individual donors have to say about why giving to GA is a priority:

Gina Glantz' passion for social justice and inclusion, her unique approach to technology as an organizing tool and her sense of fun combine to make GenderAvenger an exceptional contribution to elevating the status of women in our society.

—Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments

When Gina and I had our first meeting, she told me that she was working on this project because she had been hearing that there was a large number of conferences in which there were no women keynote speakers or represented on panels. I could not believe it and I said to her, “Haven’t we already done this?” I wanted something done about it and the answer was GenderAvenger. They’re doing a great job!

—Ethel Klein, Author, Gender Politics

I decided to make a monthly contribution to GenderAvenger because it is as unique as it is powerful. When I think of GA, I always think of the Drucker quote, “What gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets done.”

GA and its community are bringing accountability — opening the doors of closed shops — and the result is change! Plus, “cloudy with a chance of patriarchy” — c’mon, who can argue with that?

—Susan Hodgkinson, Principal, The Personal Brand Company

I'm a big fan of GenderAvenger, and through my employer's matching donation program, I was able to make my company into a supporter this year too. AEM is woman-owned and has a lot of female executives, and I'm sure they would be pleased to know the donation is helping such a good cause.

—Mat Morgan, Director, AEM Corporation

I donate to GenderAvenger because I’ve seen the immense change that can come from a few GA tallies and our extended community’s support. I used a Facebook fundraiser like this one to increase my giving to GA, easily more than doubling my original goal, and CES, a tech conference well-known for its unapologetic lack of women, changed the face of its speaker lineup after GA came calling. I know we can do it, because we’ve done it.

—Elan Morgan, Web Designer

I donated to GenderAvenger's birthday fundraiser because GenderAvenging is having a clear, measurable impact in ensuring women's voices are sought out, included and heard.

—Cindy Gallop, Brand/ and Business Innovator and Founder/CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn.com and IfWeRanTheWorld.com

We hope you will join this group in supporting our mission and scaling our impact to ensure that women’s voices are given balanced representation in the public dialog.