#WhoTalks Close Calls: Rachel Maddow Show and New Day Make Progress

As GenderAvenger continues to track the gender balance on cable news shows and call out the shows who underperform with Who Talks?, we want to take some time to offer encouragement to shows that are doing the work and inching closer. The data for the week of October 3 – October 7 has come in, and The Rachel Maddow Show featured women guests in two out of six appearances for an average of 33% women analysts. That means that The Rachel Maddow Show was only one guest away from a much more balanced 42% and a spot in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame!

New Day on CNN came in at a 29% average gender balance over the course of the last week. While far from parity, one more woman guest would have gotten them out of the Hall of Shame and closer to real change.

As we have discussed before, shows that don’t promote intentional gender balance from the initial planning stages tend to have a more difficult time achieving parity later, but that doesn’t mean they should stop trying! Help us call attention to The Rachel Maddow Show and New Day’s numbers to let them know that every bit of effort matters.

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Expand network of analysts and make #GenderAvenger Hall of Fame, @maddow! You're close! #WhoTalks #Election2016 http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/whotalks-rachel-maddow-new-day-make-progress

29%, you're almost out of the #GenderAvenger Hall of Shame, @NewDay! Strive for balance. #WhoTalks #Election2016 http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/whotalks-rachel-maddow-new-day-make-progress