#WhoTalks Month 2 Review: The "Woman Card", All-Male Analysts, and a Cable News Update

Whether they are given two days or one month, some shows just don’t get the value of including women’s voices as political commentators during this presidential election.  As I wrote on Medium recently, during the first 48 hours after Donald Trump referred to the “woman card”, Morning JoeThe Kelly File, and Fox & Friends all featured segments about the remarks… with 100% male analysts.

We shouldn’t be surprised, since during the entire month of April these three shows averaged respectively 24, 15, and 25 percent women among commentators on presidential politics.  While women’s voices should be included on all topics, it’s absurd to exclude them from the “woman card” conversation.

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Other notables this month:

Anderson Cooper 360 remains in the Hall of Fame with 48% women political commentators after having an impressive 51% in March.

Megan Kelly's The Kelly File brings up the rear again with only 11% women political commentators in March and only 15% in April.

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Stay tuned…

Stay tuned for next month’s Who Talks? stats to get these shows to pay attention to the importance of women’s voices in political dialog, because without women’s voices present, more than half the population goes unheard.