Who Talks? and You During the 2016 Presidential Election

1. What is Who Talks?

Who Talks? is a GenderAvenger project in partnership with Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) and the Women’s Media Center. Who Talks? monitors, collects data, and analyzes the gender balance of pundits who appear on the highest-rated morning and evening cable shows, calling attention to poor gender ratios in political commentary on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX. With your help, we will hold them accountable and bring more women analysts to the table during the 2016 election season.

2. How do I stay up to date on Who Talks?

3. What is the research methodology behind Who Talks?

Who Talks? monitors the highest-rated morning and evening shows on three major television news networks: CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. Any guest who is not the host (or substitute host) and is asked to comment substantively on the 2016 presidential election is counted as a commentator. We count the total number of election commentators of each gender in each show and then compare aggregate numbers and proportional representation. Data is published weekly.

4. How can I get involved?

  • Join the conversation at #WhoTalks: Share Who Talks? data and infographics on Twitter and connect with other supporters! Tweet directly to channels and hosts to make sure they see that we’re watching. You can also share screenshots or GA Tallies with the #WhoTalks hashtag when you watch election coverage.

  • Share Who Talks? blogs and infographics to help us spread the word: We need more voices to shine a spotlight on the gender balance of cable news network pundits so we can create change.

  • Write about the campaign: Are you a writer or reporter who is interested in covering Who Talks? Contact claire@genderavenger.com for quotes, interviews, and additional information about this campaign.

  • Take action: We’ll post new and exciting actions as this campaign continues throughout the year. Bookmark the Who Talks? blog page and stay in the loop about upcoming action opportunities.

  • Support our workDonate to GenderAvenger. We are turning every dollar into serious change in 2016.

Thank you for adding your voice to Who Talks?

Together we will turn up the volume on the need for better gender balance among the analysts on TV during the 2016 presidential election!