Success! GenderAvenger Moves the Needle on the Number of Women Speakers

We're making progress! We wanted to take a moment to celebrate while continuing to nudge a few of our target conference organizers just a little bit more.

At GenderAvenger, events and lists land in the Hall of Shame with a gender ratio of less than 30% women.To qualify for the Hall of Fame, women must be featured at a 40% or higher level. The 10% in between? Limbo...but a designation that often takes just a small amount of effort to transcend. 

Take a look at the conferences and lists that have moved out of the Hall of Shame. And, please, take the time to encourage the limbo lineups to aim for the Hall of Fame. These groups have heard your messages and are responding. Tell them we're still watching!   


The Techonomy 2014 conference aimed to "…explore how technology transforms and accelerates progress for both business and society." Of the 241 listed participants during the three-day event November 9–11 last year, only 57 were women — just 24% women speakers.  

"It's not good enough. We aspire and work hard to do better," replied Techonomy organizer David Kirkpatrick. They followed up on this response by livestreaming a panel discussion titled "How Can the Tech Industry Become More Inclusive?" 

Techonomy 2015, which starts on November 8th, includes 33% women speakers.


This is solid progress, and we hope that Techonomy keeps up the good work and aims for the GA Hall of Fame next year. The event starts on November 8th. Let Techonomy organizers know that we see their progress and encourage them to improve next year.

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 33% women speakers at @techonomy 2015 = progress since 2014! Hope to see #techonomy in the #HallofFame in 2016:

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I was happy to see that Techonomy has made progress and increased its percentage of women speakers. In 2014 Techonomy had 24% women speakers; this year your conference includes 33% women speakers. I applaud your progress in increasing the number of women speakers in your lineup. I hope you reach 40% or more women speakers next year so Techonomy can be honored in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame!

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap: Solutions for an Inclusive Economy is "a multi-day conference that will bring together a pivotal group of world-class thinkers and doers from a broad range of arenas to listen to new ideas, gain new perspectives, and work together to determine how we can impact these coming changes to the benefit of our economy and our society." Closing the Gap first landed in the GA Hall of Shame on September 15th with 14% women speakers. Since the conference first appeared in the Hall of Shame, Closing the Gap has steadily closed its own gender gap. The conference jumped from 14% to 25% to 30%.


Today, Closing the Gap features 34% women speakers, and organizers still have time to move the conference out of limbo status and in to the Hall of Fame. The conference starts on December 6th, 2015. 

C&EN Virtual Symposium

In September 2015, C&EN Media Group had "its second annual virtual symposium highlighting groundbreaking research in drug discovery, chemical synthesis, informatics and drug development."

The 2015 C&EN Virtual Symposium originally appeared in the GA Hall of Shame with 18% women. Organizers responded to the Hall of Shame posting and promised that "We take gender diversity very seriously."

By the time the event occurred, two additional women speakers were added to the lineup and the gender ratio moved from 18% to 31% women.


2015 was the second year for this event. We hope that C&EN continues to make progress and that the 2016 C&EN Virtual Symposium earns a space in the GA Hall of Fame. 

World Health Care Congress

In 2014 the World Health Care Congress landed in the GA Hall of Shame for having 22% women keynote speakers. Though the conference improved its speaker gender ratio in 2015 with 29% women speakers, it still qualified for Hall of Shame status. 

On April 10, 2016 "the 13th Annual World Health Care Congress convenes decision makers from all sectors of health care to catalyze meaningful partnerships and change." The conference lineup currently includes 33% women speakers. 


Encourage the World Health Congress
to Aim for the Hall of Fame

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33% women speakers at @WrldHealthcare 2016 = progress! Hope to see #WHCC16 in the #HallofFame in 2016:

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to the World Health Congress at — 
I'm happy to see that the World Health Care Congress has made progress and increased its percentage of women speakers this year. The conference currently has 33% women speakers. Please continue to add more women to your lineup and create the vibrant and inclusive array of speakers that we know you are capable of creating. 


In 2014, the Politico50 joined the GA Hall of Shame by featuring just 26% women:

The POLITICO 50, a "…list of the thinkers, doers and dreamers who really matter in this age of gridlock and dysfunction," actually lists 81 individuals, and only 21 are women. Tell POLITICO that 26% women sends a clear message about whose voices they think really matter. 

Politico50 made a lot of progress in 2015. In fact, they nearly qualified for the GA Hall of Fame by featuring 39% women. 


d.Health Summit

We saved the best for last! d.Health Summit appeared in the GA Hall of Shame in 2015 with a dismal 10% women speakers. The conference has begun releasing the speaker lineup for the 2016 d.Health Summit, and the conference currently qualifies for the GA Hall of Fame!   


The 2016 d.Health Summit starts on May 29, 2016. We will continue to watch the gender ratio for this speaker lineup and we're hopeful that the conference keeps up the good work.