Who Had An All-Male Panel About "The Woman Card"?

Last week Donald Trump’s remarks on “the woman card” swept the media and became a hot topic in election coverage, but when it came to providing commentary on this issue, which shows included women experts in on-air segments about “the woman card” in the first 48 hours following Trump’s remarks?

Morning Joe, The Kelly File, and Fox & Friends all featured segments about the woman card… with 100% male analysts.

We wish something as absurd as all-male experts covering “the woman card” was out of the ordinary, but unfortunately it’s part of an established pattern for these three shows. When we tracked the data for the first six weeks of Who Talks?, here’s how these shows measured up:

Fox & Friends

31% women

The Kelly File

20% women

Morning Joe

28.5% women

We need women experts and women’s voices at the table for all discussions of the 2016 presidential election. That’s why two months ago GenderAvenger launched Who Talks?, a project in partnership with the Center for American Women and Politics and the Women’s Media Center which monitors the number of appearances by male and female analysts on three major television news networks: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. Any show guest who is not the host (or substitute host) and is asked to comment on the 2016 presidential election is counted.

Women’s voices belong in critical dialogues surrounding the 2016 presidential election, but women analysts are not getting equal space at the table. The data has shown some improvement in the number of women analysts for these shows over the first six weeks, but they started with such low numbers that, even with improvement, the numbers are still far from satisfactory.

The second month of Who Talks? data will be released this week. Stay tuned…