Welcome to Conference Season. Ready to Conquer?

We've received a flood of requests to transform the GA Tally into a mobile app so GenderAvengers could use this critical tool on the ground any time, anywhere.

And guess what? We did it! Click here to download your free GA Tally mobile app today.

Last month, we put the new mobile GA Tally to work on the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's Annual Fiscal Summit, which featured a lousy 16% female speakers, paired with an all-male lineup of special guests. The tallies got their attention, and here was their response:

Our tweet was retweeted so many times that it ended up being the top tweet under the hashtag #FiscalSummit for most of the conference. After 30 minutes of a flurry of tweets from dismayed followers and their friends, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation unblocked GenderAvenger. Click here to find out what happened next.

We see events like this every. single. day. We’re ready to turbocharge the GA Tally. Give $5.00 today to take the GA Tally to the next level.

At GenderAvenger, we move fast. We hear your suggestions, we take action, and we quickly turn donations into tools for change. Summer is high season for conferences, and we're already in the thick of it. There are new conferences, new events, and new panels happening every day. We want to make sure that the GA Tally is always there. We want it in the hands of even more conference goers. Your tallies help us rally — with your actions, you give us the information we need to challenge and change the public dialog. 

We see your tweets, we read your emails, and we agree: enough is enough. No more all-male panels. No more token women speakers. We need women to consistently be a part of the public dialog, and the GA Tally is a great way to make that possible. We want to make it even more accessible so that anyone who spots a list or panel with barely any women can take action on the spot. 

Give $5 today: Support GenderAvenger and
the GA Tally during the most intense season for conferences.

We’ve seen you in action surrounding events like SXSW, Launch Festival, and the Fiscal Summit. Because of you, we’ve been able to celebrate conference organizers putting together balanced panels and create action around all-male and nearly all-male speaker lists for conferences. We can’t wait to see what we can create together next.

Thank you for everything you do, GenderAvengers.