Welcome to the GenderAvenger Super Hall of Fame!

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Who doesn't love good news? At GenderAvenger, we're celebrating our first birthday by taking a look back at our original Hall of Famers to see who belongs in the GenderAvenger Super Hall of Fame! These conferences and lists appeared on the GenderAvenger website in 2014 and have since qualified for a second appearance in our Hall of Fame. We're inspired by their commitment to balanced gender ratios, and we hope that their work is an inspiration to our Hall of Shamers to clean up their acts. 

The Online News Association

We featured ONA13 for their 49% women speakers. ONA15 topped this ratio with 52% women speakers. 


TEDxBaltimore included 45% women speakers in 2014 and increased to 48% women speakers in 2015.  

Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard's "The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30" list by Avital Andrews included 47% women in 2014. The 2015 list stayed steady with 47% women. Wondering how Avital did it? Read 30 Under 30 List with 14 Women? Avital Andrews Tells Us How It's Done! to get her expert advice on creating a balanced list. 

Social Venture Network 

The Social Venture Network Spring 2014 conference lineup landed in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame with 49% women speakers. The SVN Spring 2015 conference included 40% women presenters, and we're happy to see that their upcoming Fall conference has 47% women speakers!  

Personal Democracy Forum

Personal Democracy Forum has been featured in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame three times! We celebrated their Hall of Fame gender ratios for 2011 and 2014, and this year they kept up the great work at PDF2015 with 47% women speakers

Y'All Connect

Y'All Connect, a blogging and social media conference in Birmingham, Alabama, was our first ever double Hall of Fame recipient! Y'All Connect 2014 had 60% women, while the 2015 lineup featured 50% women speakers. Wade Kwon, the conference organizer for Y'All Connect, shared his advice for creating a diverse lineup on the GenderAvenger Blog.  

Social Good Summit

In 2014, Mashable's Social Good Summit featured 43% women speakers. This year, the conference improved its Hall of Fame ratio. The 2015 Social Good Summit lineup included 48% women speakers! 

Code for America Summit

Code for America Summit 2014 included 25 total speakers, 12 of whom were women. They dramatically increased their amount of speaker slots for 2015 but maintained their Hall of Fame gender ratio! Out of 197 speakers at Code for America Summit 2015, 46% were women.   

National Journal's The Next America

The National Journal's The Next America: Making America Work in 2014 included 50% women speakers and an agenda that focused on financial empowerment, workforce development, and entrepreneurship. Though the theme changed to health care for 2015, the conference maintained its Hall of Fame gender ratio with 50% women speakers. 

Pen Center USA

Pen Center USA 2014 Literary Awards included 48% women in their list of winners and finalists. The gender ratio increased in 2015 to 50% women!  

Dent Conference

Dent Conference 2015 earned a spot in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame with 46% women speakers. The conference has released its initial lineup and, so far, Dent 2016 currently features 50% women speakers!


SOCAP 2014 was featured in our Hall of Fame for having about 41% women speakers. This year they kept their Hall of Fame status with 42% women speakers at SOCAP15

Congratulations to our first group of GenderAvenger Super Hall of Famers! We've been adding lots of new conferences and lists to our Hall of Fame, and we hope to see many of them in our next Super Hall of Fame group. 

Have a conference or list that belongs in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame? Nominate it today!