Action Alert | Token Summit IV's Cryptocurrency of the Future Is Stuck in the Past

Experts in the token-based economy believe that all consumers should pay attention to this currency of the future, but sadly their industry is stuck in the past. The organizers of Token Summit IV want attendees to join them at their “exclusive, intellectually-driven gathering, grouping the best minds in this space,” and, you guessed it, those “best minds” are dudes. Only 16% of the speakers at Token Summit IV are women, and only 14% of those are women of color (and by 14% we mean one, one woman). It’s time for the rest of the cryptocurrency industry to follow the lead of GTM Forum and invest in women.

Only 16% of the speakers at @token_summit are women, and only 1 is a woman of color. Cryptocurrency may be the economy of the future, but the industry is still stuck in the past. #GenderAvenger