Your Story and the GenderAvenger Motto: Challenge It. Change It.

Some GenderAvengers shout from the rooftops, some quietly make calls, some tweet and post on Facebook (or ask us to do so), and some send emails.

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There are as many kinds of GenderAvenger stories as there are people in the GenderAvenger community…

An anonymous GenderAvenger gave us a heads up about an upcoming global summit’s mostly male keynotes. After voicing her concern to the organization, she turned to GenderAvenger to reinforce her point; GenderAvenger called them out on social media and will now be checking in monthly leading up to the conference to ensure that women are included.

A GenderAvenger reader of the San Francisco Chronicle’s entertainment section sent us her exchange with the paper’s deputy managing editor and TV critic Dave Wiegand. She voiced her concern about all-male photos accompanying one of his reviews; he responded with such a thoughtful acknowledgment that Avenger Gina followed up with him to talk about GenderAvenger. The editor quickly assigned a feature writer who published a profile of us a few weeks later.

One of our very favorite stories comes from an employee at a firm that redesigned their office space. Six out of the six new conference rooms were named after men. She told her boss that it didn’t make the women in the office feel as welcome or respected as she thought he wanted. The boss understood immediately and changed the names of some of the rooms.

We know you have a story to tell.

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Tweet at us, email us, share stories on Facebook, or send your stories to us here — we and your fellow GenderAvengers want to hear them. Prefer to stay anonymous? We can do that, too. Letting the GenderAvenger community know about everyday successes, and even disappointments, educates and encourages us all.

Share your stories: we can challenge this together.