So close to being out of the #HallofShame: 29% Women at WSJ.D Live 2016

Take Action Today: Make an Impact on WSJ.D Live 2016

WSJ.D has a history of excluding women’s voices, but we can push them to change that.

WSJ.D Live

In 2015 WSJ.D Live, a global technology conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal, had only 15% women speakers. GenderAvengers joined forces and showed them it was time to value the voices of women with a Thunderclap action that created a swell of tweets and Facebook statuses.

This year, we’re getting in front of the conference by pushing for change while there is still time to add women’s voices to the lineup. Today, the 2016 speaker list reflects another Hall of Shame ratio. However, the event is not until October, and the lineup is already extremely close to limbo status. Just 1 more woman speaker would bring WSJ.D Live into limbo (between 30 and 40%), and 3 more women would bring it into the Hall of Fame (over 40%).

Reach out to WSJ.D Live today. Urge them to bring women into the fold in the planning process and onstage.

Show them that we’re paying attention and that we won’t back down until they commit to creating a gender-balanced lineup.

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Balanced lineup=better conference. Add women's voices to 2016 #WSJDLive @WSJ, & aim for #GenderAvenger #HallofFame: