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#HallOfFame | Delight 2015

Delight Conference is "a unique gathering of designers, technologists and businesses that care about creating experiences people love." This two day event kicks off on October 5, 2015 and they recently announced their speaker lineup.

Out of 15 speakers, 7 speakers are women. Delight Conference's 47% female speaker gender ratio has landed them a spot in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame!  

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#HallOfFame | MozCon

MozCon 2015 is's annual marketing conference, which takes place July 13th through July 15th. Their tagline is "not your typical marketing conference." We would love to see speaker lineup gender ratios like this become more typical across the board! With 44% women speakers, MozCon is our newest entry into the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame . 

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