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#HallofShame | Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit [UPDATE]

The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit "emphasizes disruptive solutions to the Health Care conundrum" and offers the opportunity to "learn about emerging technologies that will impact the economics of care and improve the ways we prevent and treat illness." This is a critical dialogue that covers issues with a widespread impact. Obviously, women's voices should be a part of this conversation. Unfortunately, they are barely included in the speaker lineup.

The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit features just four women speakers out of 38 total.  

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#HallofShame | Personalized Medicine World Conference 2016

The Personalized Medicine World Conference 2016 has over 100 speakers this year, and only 19 of those speakers are women. On January 24th, "recognized authorities and experts across healthcare and biotechnology sectors" will come together to watch a nearly all male lineup weigh in on critical issues facing personalized medicine. 

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#HallofShame | CAM Conferences

CAM Conferences' next event is "Meeting the Microbiome" on September 12, 2015. "This conference will look at the influence of the microbiome on zonulin, leaky gut, reactions to gluten and other proteins"...with a nearly all male panel.  

Women make up just 9% of the speakers for this event. Out of 11 featured experts, only one is a woman. 

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