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#HallofFame | The Millions' 2016 Book Preview

Who better to advise you on your 2016 book purchases than The Millions, a website lauded by the New York Times for being an "indispensable literary site"? We were excited to dive into this list, and our first step was to break it down in the GA Tally. Out of 93 titles, 44 were written by women. 47% of The Millions' novels to look forward to were written by women! 

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#HallOfShame | Modern Library's Top 100 Novels and Top 100 Nonfiction

Does this sound modern to you?

  • Modern Library Board's 100 Best Novels: 9% are novels by women. (Edith Wharton appears twice. Because finding 9 women authors was just too much.) 
  • Modern Library Board's Top 100 Best Nonfiction: 12% books by women. 

The list criteria doesn't get much more generous than "Best"---there's no time limitations, no genre restrictions, and there are 100 slots to fill. So it seems unbelievable that out of 200 books in Modern Library's lauded "Top 100" lists, only 21 are by women. 

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#HallOfFame | Audible's Best Books of the Century So Far just released their list of The Best Books of the Century So Farfeaturing multiple books per year as well as contenders for the best books of 2015.  Out of of 133 books, 54 were written by women. That means 40% of Audible's picks for future classics from this century were by women authors. 

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