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#HallofShame | Megyn Kelly Talks Equality, But The Kelly File Doesn’t Show It

While we commend Kelly for standing up to voice concerns important to women around the country, her show has again failed to actually include women commentators. The latest Who Talks? data finds The Kelly File still among the lowest ranking of the six cable news shows when it came to gender balance. For the week of October 17–21, The Kelly File’s coverage of the presidential election only managed to include commentary by women 19% of the time.

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#WhoTalks? Month 4 Review and the #WhoTalks Halls of Fame and Shame

The June #WhoTalks results are now in and, sadly, The Kelly File continues to top the Hall of Shame list with only 15% women guests invited to speak on the show. In better news, The Rachel Maddow Show rose from a three-month 33% average to a perfectly balanced 50% in June.

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