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#HallofShame | 26% Women at Re/code's Code/Media

Code/Media, Re/code’s upcoming conference on February 17th, continues Re/code’s two year streak of Hall of Shame gender ratios. The speaker lineup is 26% women, which is the highest percentage of women speakers Re/code has had since they began organizing events in 2014. In 2016, though, 26% women is hardly a ratio worth celebrating.

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Boo! Unmasking the GA Super Hall of Shamers

What's scarier than goblins and ghouls? Conferences and lists that consistently have Hall of Shame gender ratios. For Halloween, we're unmasking a few of repeat offenders from the GA Hall of Shame.

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#HallofShame | The Re/code #CodeMobile Conference

Re/code lands in the GA Hall of Shame for the second time with their upcoming Code/Mobile conference on October 7-8, 2015. This is Re/code's sixth and final event scheduled for 2015. So far, all of their events this year (and last year) have featured a Hall of Shame gender ratio. Code/Mobile has increased its gender ratio in the past week, rising from 11% women to 18% women with the addition of Apple Vice President Jennifer Bailey. While the increase is promising, 18% women speakers just isn't good enough. 

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