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Welcome to the GenderAvenger Super Hall of Fame!

Who doesn't love good news? At GenderAvenger, we're celebrating our first birthday by taking a look back at our original Hall of Famers to see who belongs in the GenderAvenger Super Hall of Fame! These conferences and lists appeared on the GenderAvenger website in 2014 and have since qualified for a second appearance in our Hall of Fame. We're inspired by their commitment to balanced gender ratios, and we hope that their work is an inspiration to our Hall of Shamers to clean up their acts. 

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Hall of Fame | Personal Democracy Forum 2015

Personal Democracy Forum showed that they practice what they preach with their 2015 lineup, which featured a Hall of Fame gender ratio of 47% female speakers. When they brought together thought leaders from various fields to discuss their 2015 theme, "Imagine All the People: The Future of Civic Tech," they made sure that women were an equal part of their dialog. And this isn't their first balanced speaker lineup: PDF 2014 featured 49% female speakers. 

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