GenderAvenger Is Invited to Sree's Social Media Weekend. Join Us from Wherever You Are!

Every day, GenderAvenger and its allies discover events full of manels and missed opportunities to diversify voices. Our work focuses on putting an end to all-male panels and encouraging planners to be mindful from the moment they create a new event. Often, our team looks at lists of keynotes and panels from the outside — we see who is speaking and how many women and women of color are included in the list — but we don’t often see the execution beyond those lists of headshots and names.

Sree Sreenivasan has given us the opportunity to go inside his upcoming @Sree’s Social Media Weekend and use the GA Tally app to audit it both before and during the conference.

Not only will our founder, Gina Glantz, speak to the audience during the event, but a group of GenderAvenger Fellows will also record what they see — and hear — in real time using the GATally. We’ll even have the opportunity to have attendees sign the GA Pledge live.

We are looking for six people to help us document Social Media Weekend in New York City. Please apply!

We are looking for six people to help us document Social Media Weekend in New York City for two full days on June 1st and 2nd in exchange for free tickets to the event. Applications for the fellowships are open, and everyone who applies will hear from us by May 21st. It would be great to have members of our community among the GA Fellows, so please apply!

You can also sign up with the discount code “GENDERAVENGER” to get 30% off the ticket price if you want to attend this renowned weekend of social media learning as a regular participant rather than as a GA Fellow.

If you cannot attend, you will be able to see the results in real time on Twitter by following us at @GenderAvenger and our #genderavenger hashtag and checking our Facebook page. By liking and sharing ours and the GA Fellows’ results, you can be part of this special moment in GenderAvenger history.

We are very excited about this opportunity and have a lot of respect for Sree for opening up Social Media Weekend to us. Undoubtedly, we will all gain insight from the experience, and we hope that other event organizers will follow Sree’s example of courage and transparency as we effect change to ensure women's voices in public dialog.