Spread the GenderAvenger Love: Founder Gina Glantz In the Washington Post

Co-founder Gina Glantz writes in The Washington Post about the advantages of starting GenderAvenger in her 7th decade.

"A new way to turn 70: Don't kick back and relax":

As an inveterate organizer thoroughly unhappy about the paucity of female representation all around me — at conferences, on “top” lists, among media covering politics, and so much more — I could not resist doing something.

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#GenderAvenger @glantzings discusses starting @GenderAvenger in her 7th decade in @washingtonpost! Check it out: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/a-new-way-to-turn-70-dont-kick-back-and-relax/2016/08/15/8ca615d8-2f22-11e6-9b37-42985f6a265c_story.html