Holiday Gratitude and a Surprise Sketchnote from Jessica Esch

This Thanksgiving it is especially important to thank the people in our lives whom we cherish and to find the joys we share.

We at GenderAvenger thank you for all you do to support our goal to ensure women are always part of the public dialog. For two years, you have been an ally as we’ve celebrated and protested representations of women across hundreds of panels, conferences, news shows, and more.

Our wonderfully talented Avenger Jessica Esch, a regular contributor who has been with us since GenderAvenger was founded, has created one of her sketchnotes as a reminder of special moments in the history of GenderAvenger, a history that is as much your story as it is ours.

Click the image to view it at a larger size.

We hope it will make you smile this holiday season. With you, we will make women’s voices heard. Like you, we believe that if we challenge it, we can change it.

Happy Holidays from the GenderAvenger team.

Join us in thanking Jessica and sharing GenderAvenger history:

Thanks to @jesch30 for illustrating #GenderAvenger history! Happy holidays from the GA team!